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The Sky Giants- Psychedelic Prog Rock From Tacoma!

March 21st, 2019

This is the long awaited interview with The Sky Giants, an epic Psychedelic Prog Rock band from Tacoma, WA. A lot has been happening in the Sky Giants camp: Their new Album "The Shifting of Phaseworld" has been released, they just completed a video shoot for their song "Technicolor Kaleidoscope", they were featured on both "Loud and Local" and "BJ and Miggs" on Seattle station KISW, and they're getting ready to go on tour and play some epic shows! So Hang out with me for an hour as I chat with Jessie Avery, Peter Tietjen, and Jake Frye about their amazing Technicolor psychedelic journey!

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Craig Gurney, Storyteller and Motorcycle Poet

March 3rd, 2019

A Long time in the making, today I am joined by Craig Gurney, known affectionately in these parts as "Craig The Motorcycle Poet." With a true voice for radio, Craig is an epic storyteller and poet. Sometimes humorous, often deeply personal and touching, Craigs stories and poems will have have you teetering on the edge of both laughter and tears. This episode ran quite long, but I really didn't want to cut out too much simply for the sake of time, so consider this a double episode! And towards the end, we are treated to a great story about his experience with Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) and a truly heartfelt poem to bring it all home. So grab your coffee, energy drink, or beverage of choice and kick back and enjoy the ride!

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