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Aleister Sinn- From Hell

April 22nd, 2019

Today I am joined by George Anderson (and his alter-ego Aleister Sinn), creative genius behind Oakland horror metal band From Hell. We delve into the depths for an epic discussion on the origins of the band, the development of the concept and the songwriting process, his King Diamond influence, the impressive lineup of musicians that have been involved, the debut album Ascent From Hell, and the progress of the currently-in-production new album entitled Rats and Ravens. I also want to give a shout out to the official members of From Hell: Drummer Wes Anderson, Bassist Stephen Paul Goodwin, and guitarist Steve Smyth. This group of insanely talented musicians drives From Hell forward, contributing a musical diversity and intensity that results in truly original and innovative material. This was a really fun conversation, so check it out!

Closing Song Credit:

The song playing at the end of the episode is entitled " The Sleep", of of From Hell's epic album "Ascent From Hell" and is used with permission!

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Ray J. Currie- Outliar

April 7th, 2019

I'm joined via Skype by legendary guitarist Ray J. Currie, founding member of North Carolina thrash metal band Outliar. We had an absolutely epic discussion covering many topics, including the exploding N.C. Metal scene, the two vastly different Outliar albums,  some of the legendary friends and musicians he's worked with, and the current All-Star lineup of Outliar that includes Vocalist Anthony Graham, Drummer Adam Hancock, Bassist Cisco Rivera, and guitarist Rick Ace. If that wasn't awesome enough, Ray dropped some first-to-hear news of some upcoming projects, exclusive to Misery Point Radio, so a huge bonus for all of you loyal listeners! Oh, yeah. and we find out what kind of BBQ he feels is the REAL N.C. bbq lol. Give yourself some extra time for this one, its a little longer than normal. It was such an awesome conversation that I really didn't want to cut it. Note: Skype audio can be a little wonky, but I promise you as soon as you hear the awesomeness flow, you'll be mesmerized! And enjoy the outro song "Blood Covered and Beaten off the album  "Taste The Blood!"

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