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Craig Gillespie- Divine Treachery/False Prophet

July 25th, 2019

Today I'm joined by bassist  Craig Gillespie, who plays in two epic bands: Divine Treachery and False Prophet.  We had an awesome discussion about his origin story as a  musician, his early musical influences, the formation of Divine Treachery and their new album Never Ending Cycle For The Suffering, as well as his role with OG metal legends False Prophet and some amazing upcoming shows for both bands. There's a lot of cool stuff covered in this interview, you definitely don't want to miss this one! Check it out!

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Jamie King- Jamie King Audio

July 14th, 2019

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Iconic record producer Jamie King about his long and exiting career in the music business. So many things were discussed: his award winning work with Between the Buried and me as well as other  legendary artists, his thoughts on the industry, his take on recording philosophy, preferred techniques, technological advancements, signature Kemper Profiler bundles, and so much more. On top of that, his band Swift is getting set to relaunch for a 20th anniversary celebration! This is one interview you don't wanna miss with the man who is helping to turn North Carolina into the new epicenter for extreme music in the U.S.! 

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