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Cynthia Luna Frost- Snow I.U.

September 30th, 2019

 I recently had the opportunity to chat with Cynthia Luna Frost, founding vocalist of Swedish concept metal band SNOW I.U. On a Skype call from Sweden, we discussed a myriad of topics: The Origin of Snow I.U and the development of the concept, the recording of the band's 2 EPs, the upcoming single and UK tour, the development and formation of a music festival called Snowfest, and some deeply personal revelations that took MPR to new levels of conversation. Additionally, this episode marks the one year anniversary of the launch of Misery Point Radio, so thanks to all of you for the unbelievable amount of support you've given me thus far!

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Vinnie LaBella- Exhorder

September 16th, 2019

I got a chance to hang out with the Guardian Of The Groove himself before the Exhorder show in Seattle last week, and let me tell you: this dude is amazing. This was a really fun conversation, full of personal stories, band history, music philosophy, and jokes. Oh, the jokes lol. Oh yeah, we also talked about the upcoming Exhorder album "Mourn The Southern Skies, " due out on September 20! So Close! Do yourself a favor, check out this episode and I promise you'll laugh your ass off! And you've still got time to preorder Mourn The Southern Skies from the Nuclear Blast Website! Special shout out to Vocalist Kyle Thomas for chatting with me for a few minutes and an Extra Special shout out to Exhorder tour manager Justin Roth (also guitarist for epic metal band War Curse) for helping to facilitate the meeting location. You kick ass, brother!

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